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Roofing – Roof Repair

Almost every roofing material is designed to last to up to 40 years, sometimes even beyond. But like everything else roofs gets worn and repairs whether for a portion of a roof or the entire roof will be done eventually. The best time for roof repair is when the roof is not yet damaged but are already showing unmistakable signs of wear. This way, the other structure of the house will be protected. It is when the roof is already damaged or leaks have already occurred that damage to other parts of the structure pile up and repairs become expensive.

However, if the roof is subjected to forces that will weaken it before its time like heavy snow deposits, unusually strong winds and rains, roof inspection has to be conducted. Whether the roof is weathering well, the following applies.

Roof Inspection

• If you think that the roof needs checking for repairs, examine the roof from a distance. Parts of the roof may already be weak and may not hold added weight so resist first getting the ladder for a closer look.
• If there is no visible signs of real damage or weakened portions, inspect the roof closer but do not walk on the roof. Wear rubber soled shoes and use a firmly braced ladder equipped with a no slip feet.
• For shingled roofing, inspect whether there are protective surface granules that were dislodged. Usually the granules accumulate in the gutter. You may not need your roof to be repaired but if there is a large accumulation of it in the gutter, it is better to have the roof inspected by a roofing contractor.
• When the roofing is tiles, check for cracked or loose tiles. Replace missing tiles immediately.
• When you have a flat roof, inspect for puddles of water in the gravel area, and look for bare spots.
• If the roof is made with asphalt and wood shingles, check for loose shingles and protruding nails.
• Antennas are also the usual causes of leaks.

Temporary roof repair that you can do If the roof has to be repaired immediately, the use of plastic sheeting is your best temporary measure. These are heavy plastics that you can nail around the holes. This is done best when you can square the hole with a wood, wrap the plastic around the wood and nails the plastic wrapped wood in place. It there is no wood or wood nails, hold down the plastic with bricks or cement blocks but have it repaired immediately.

You can also use roofing a paper. Roofing papers also known as tar paper is applied to the damaged portion of the roof in overlapping layers alternating between the cement and paper. Application is starts from the lowermost portion of the roof working upwards.

Finding Iowa Roofing Contractors

When looking for contractors, validate the following:
• An address that could be validated, a business or occupational license and the TIN. Professional contractors have these. Check also if the contractors license is valid and the contractor is bonded.
• Insist on seeing copies regarding proof of insurance, liabilities and workers compensation.
• Know the contractor’s track record. Ask references to customers whose projects were completed.
• Validate the contractors claims with the Business and Professional Regulation Department.
• Have a written proposal for the roof repair from the contractor.

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