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Roofing – Increase The Value Of Your House

If the roof looks weathered, shingles looks loose, and the paint looks peeled, the house looks old before its time. The house is neglected and the value has gone down. It does not actually matter if the house is seven years old or is thirty. Packaging is paramount in raising the value of any merchandise. Packaging is much more important when you want to increase the value of your house. The construction may be good and it actually is but then a seller will always point the benefits but the buyer will try to see through the entire package before the buyer parts with the money. Because of high costs of construction, the buyer will always point those that are possible points for bargaining or the buyer leaves.

There are several modes to increase the marketability of the house. One of is a good, clean, spanking looking roofs. Sure buyers will appreciate blue grass, lively looking interiors, brilliantly redesigned kitchens but visible signs of wear and tear in the roofing will nag the buyer that the house is much neglected in parts that are unseen and there is a possibility that the structure may not be as good as the seller sounds. Salespeople thrive on upping the interest of the buyer. The best salesman in the world will find it doubly difficult to sell anything when the buyer starts having suspicions. If some interest remains with the buyer, the price will be driven down fair or not, or the buyer leaves.

The best time to increase the value of the house is on times when the decision to sell it is not yet reached. That way little upgrades are undertaken, small inexpensive construction are done but nothing beats a house that is clean and looks well maintained. A well-maintained roof ranks high on the must impress list.

Unlike other parts of the house, the roof actually requires little maintenance. Observing it from a distance especially after a storm and locating possible damage is sufficient to prevent deterioration. Trimming tree branches around the house and not allowing the branches to cover the roof, cleaning the scuppers to insure that the water drains well are some of the things that the homeowner could do without professional help.

Moss and algae though not only discolors it destroys the roof. When left unwashed for a long period, this accumulation will result into greater damage including the timber and the trusses that compose the roof. For these it would be safe to call roof maintenance professionals to do the job. Basically removing the moss and the algae is more about washing the roof but there are also simple passive devices that could be installed to discourage further growth. Common practice is installing copper and zinc strips. When there is an accumulation of water, the strips form a compound that kills the moss and algae and the growth stops. Little practices like this increase the value of your house.

The roof is that part of the house that is usually the most visible as one approach a property. The decision to buy or not takes only very few seconds. If the approach to the house has not been impressive, selling the house becomes more difficult. If not compensated with other benefits, sales fail. No matter though, the sales value will have already gone down.

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