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Roofing the house and its selection often centers on costs, durability, and practicality. There are various roofing materials available and while asphalt shingles takes up 90% of all residential roofing, the story does not end there.
New materials that are technologically advanced are researched and tested to make future roofing materials not only cheaper, more durable, better temperature resistant and pleasing to the eye.

For the time being though Asphalt shingles are the most popular. While there is a wide spread in costs depending on the variant, asphalt shingles are considered cheapest. Having said that asphalt shingles can cost between $50 to $150 on a ten-foot by ten-foot area. In comparison, slate are the most expensive at $1000 per hundred foot square and sheet metal could cost $100 to $600 depending much on the coating that is used for the metal.

Getting A New Roof In Iowa

When reroofing the house, it would be highly advisable for you to stick with the original roofing material that was used specially when reroofing old houses. Old houses, let alone the historic ones deserve the preservation of their original design. Roofing materials here varies from slate, sheet metal and wood shingles. Some are expensive but a good slate roof could give your house another hundred years compared with other materials. Another consideration is weight. Reroofing the house with another material may jeopardize the load capacity of the house. For example, if the house was originally designed to carry sheet metal roofing, consider that sheet metal roofing is very light compared to other roofing materials. Asphalt shingles on the other hand are relatively heavy compared with the rest.
Durability is also another consideration here. The right choice of roofing material will prove a big difference as the house ages. A slate roof could last you 100 years, often more whereas Asphalt shingles will get you much less than that.

What Kind Of Roof Should I Buy?

The usual choice aside from cost consideration is that Asphalt shingle. Aside from durability, asphalt shingles are low maintenance roofs. It is guaranteed by manufacturers to last up to 50 years. It is resistant to extreme temperature and strong winds. Asphalt shingles also come in different colors and shapes that are ideal for most roofing requirements. A variety of the Asphalt shingle is the composite asphalt shingles. Composite asphalt shingles has very much the same in attribute to the asphalt shingle. This shingle however is made from recycled plastics that are mixed with fire retardants whereas the asphalt shingle is made from a mixture of felt strips and tar with granular coating. The composite asphalt shingle also last longer than its counterpart does. However asphalt shingles may not be practical for all roofing applications. While there is the less heavy variety, Asphalt shingles may not be ideal for every roofing need due mainly to its weight and basic structure.

Iowa Roofing Contractors

Roof structure will determine the weight of materials that it could carry. Roof slope or roof pitch does too. Before deciding on the materials that will be used in roofing the house, have your roof examined first by a professional contractor. If for example you prefer another heavier but less expensive roofing material, you may need a new frame design to match the material that you will use.

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